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Aboriginal Prayers

These may be freely used, but please acknowledge their source.

  • Aboriginal Our Father


The Reconciliation Church Prayer



Father, our Creator,
you created all things, seen and unseen.
Listen to my silent prayer as I stand before you.

As my weary eyes look back over distant horizons;
back to those days where my people walked.
The footprints of my grandfathers are imprinted on the earth.

I see my grandfathers standing tall and strong,
Warriors of long ago.
I hear them singing,
I see them dancing,
and my spirit moves within me.

They told of the emus fighting
and the kangaroos picking up the scent of our hunters.
The images fade away as I feel the hurt of my people.
I can hear the cries of my Grandmothers
as they cry for their children.
Grandfathers, you can see me as I stand here and feel this hurt.

Father Creator,
Is this the purpose of my being here?
Or is it your plan to reshape my people
to be once again the proud race it once was?

Let me walk with you and my Grandfathers,
towards the dawning of a proud and new nation.
I thank you for my Sacred Being.