Sameness, Similarity and Difference

Sameness, Similarity and Difference: An Intercultural Theology for Human Solidarity

A forum with Dr. Anthony G. Reddie, Research Fellow in Black Theology - The Queens Foundation For Ecumenical Theological Education, Birmingham, UK.

How do we live together and what resources does Christian theology provide to guide us in how we can go about doing this? These were the themes Dr. Reddie explored in this entertaining, challenging and thought provoking forum.

Dr. Reddie is the leading scholar in the practice of Black theology in grassroots communities of faithful practice. He is a specialist in using educational methodology and grassroots work on conscientization and formation in order to create a more praxis driven and practical approach to Black theology that impacts on communities of faith (particularly churches) in order to empower ordinary people. Dr. Reddie has published several books and numerous essays and articles, in addition to more popular material that is often eschewed by conventional theological scholars. Dr. Reddie was in Australia at the invitation of NATSIEC to facilitate its biannual Christ and Culture Conference.

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